ISC emphasizes on the following:

  • Effective legal and regulatory framework
  • Efficient trading infrastructure and market mechanisms
  • National market system.

Post-trading arrangements

  • Clearing, settlement, depository and registration.
  • New financial instruments.
  • Developing the Securities issuer.
  • Developing the broker.
  • educate the Investors .

The ISC shall provide fair and transparent market deal within a free market economy which adopts the following objectives:

  1. Controlling and Supervision the bonds and Stock markets to enforce the law  No. 74/2004 interim law on securities markets.
  2. Set up rules for the public subscription of shares of the stock and other securities provided that they are compatible with the companies law No. 21 of 1977 .
  3. The commission has the right to approve on the trading off-market and determining the induction rules regarding transparent pricing to stop trading with any contributed company when it fails to comply with the rules of the Stock Market.
  4. The commission has the right to study the required information in accordance with the law and issue the rules of the stock market.
  5. The commission monitos the stakes of the influential shareholders in listed companies in the stock markets,and protect the minority owners and approving the final accounts of the securities markets and annual reports.

The law has been authorizes the commission to do the following:

  1. Review the procedures and approval or disapproval as it deems necessary by a notice and opportunity to suspend, to support or cancel the means and other rules of the securities markets and depository under the law..
  2. Require the exchange, the depository, and brokers authorized to engage in securities transactions on the exchange to maintain such records and make such reports on their financial condition and business related to securities transactions as the commission deems necessary to implement the provisions of this law.
  3. Inspecting the market operations , depository,transfering and any broker or other person authorized to effect securities transactions directly on the exchange or to participate directly in the depository; inspection might extend to inspect brokers who are banks including their securities operations and related personnel and records.
  4. Issuing subpoenas for documents or witnesses.
  5. Inspecting the operations of the listed companies in the stock markets.
  6. Issuance regulations for the purpose of the disclosure the information and required reports to be provided to the public.
  7. Review the information and reports submitted by the companies and request a review such of these  information and reports when the provided information were not complete or false or misleading or contrary to the Companies Act or the Securities Act or other laws.
  8. Issuance regulations concerning the disclosure of major property and  acquisition the groups of investment certificates or bonds window for the purpose of imposing control on the shareholding companies.
  9. Issuance regulations concerning the activities of investment investment advisory management For brokers, banks and other companies related.
  10. Implementation the securities law, and any rules adopted under the law and any rules of the securities or the depository; and take appropriate disciplinary action against any person who violates this law or the rules which were issued by the commission.