The Securities Commission participates in a workshop leading change and empowering women

Aug 23rd, 2023

The Securities Commission participated in an academic workshop entitled "Leading Change" organized by the Women's Empowerment Section at the Ministry of Communications, in cooperation with the Planning and Follow-up Department in the Ministry. This workshop comes within the framework of implementing the axis of political empowerment, which is one of the axis of the national strategy for Iraqi women.

The workshop witnessed the participation of a group of male and female employees in the Ministry of Communications in its various formations, in addition to representatives from the women's empowerment departments in other ministries. Mrs. Hanan Fares, representative of the Securities Commission, participated.

This workshop was designed to highlight the role of leadership in the process of change and the development of government institutions, by adopting the concepts of change and its leadership, and investing knowledge and skills to develop and enhance the skills of female employees and enable them to assume leadership positions.

The workshop activities included presenting practical models for achieving positive change, as well as dealing with the use of modern methods and strategies in developing women's leadership capabilities, with the aim of enhancing innovation and creativity in various fields of work. The discussions revolved around new ideas and aspirations that can contribute to the development of institutions in more effective and successful ways, with a focus on sustainable and innovative strategies for change.

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