The Securities Commission participates in the meeting of the National Quality Team

Oct 19th, 2023

The SecuritiesCommission participated in the meeting of the National Quality Team, which was held in the Holy Governorate of Karbala under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers at the Holy Abbasid Shrine. The head of the quality team, represented by Mrs. Siham Hussein Sultan, and the head of the Development and Sustainable Development Department, “Dr. Muhammad Hassan Jaber,” and the representative of theAl-Abbasiyah Holy shrine in the National Quality Team, Mr. Reda Karim Al-Aboudi, to discuss the strategic plan for the quality departments in Iraqi institutions and a number of important matters related to strategic work and plans regarding the quality of state institutions and raising the efficiency of work in them. The meeting included a field tour of the projects of the Holy Shrine, including educational and industrial ones, where they expressed their admiration for the capabilities provided by the Shrine for these projects and the quality, sobriety and high performance of them. Which contributes to the development of the economic and cultural system in the country. Media Office 10/18/2023

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