Securities Commission participates in a workshop on implementing the National Strategy for Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Nov 30th, 2023

ISC participated in a workshop held by the National Strategy Team for Integrity and Anti-Corruption, at Babylon Hotel, in the presence the team’s media coordinator, Mrs. Wasan Abdul Hussein, and Miss Hajer Khaled also attended the heads of the teams, and the media coordinator for bodies and entities not affiliated with a Ministry.

The workshop highlighted on completing the procedures that requirements to implement the National Strategy for Integrity and Anti-Corruption. It also reviewed the efforts of the ministries , the entities not affiliated with a Ministry and the Governors and make the evaluation during this year depended on what will introduced in the fourth quarter the last of this year that will prepare for the second step.

The workshop discussed the way to make a special plan of the National Strategy that complete the last executive plan from the Strategy analyses of the internal and external environment and specify the the strong and week points in Integrity and Anti-Corruption include the viewed of the institute.

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