Securities Commission participates in a workshop of statistical indexes to rate the youth developments in all aspects.

Nov 30th, 2023

Iraq Securities Commission participated in the workshop held by the ministry of planning / Central Statistical Organization in cooperation with United Nations Population Fund, on Wednesday, 11/29/2023 , at the Babylon Hotel. Mrs. Nibras Shawqi Hamoudi, Director of the Department of Planning and Studies, attended on behalf of ISC , in the presence of the general directors of all ministries and state institutions. Including the Kurdistan region, the workshop included calculating and measuring statistical indicators for youth development in the dimensions of education, health, and workforce employment, as the government attached importance to this segment, preparing the youth development guide and enabling them to face challenges and benefit from opportunities, as well as studying indicators that are not available in surveys and periodic statistical reports, which are available in ministries. And other national institutions for the purpose of identifying the actual reality of this large and important segment of Iraqi society, that youth are thewealth of nations and their inexhaustible resource and their arms that build the present and the future, and to provide a modern database that can be relied upon in building the national vision for youth and preparing a strategic statistical tool that assesses the situation of youth. this is to facilitate the process of developing and monitoring public policies based on youth needs.

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